So we just went to sleep for a bit…

But we’re still around.  Ask any one of us.  Anyone who has ever been involved in what started innocently enough as a social experiment twelve years ago and ended up changing thousands of people’s lives.  Then bam, we disappeared.  Or so it seemed.

ANYhoo the social experiment continues.  But then again life is one social experiment, nicht wahr?

Until we next speak, remember the only two things that are real, at least according to the book of us: the present and love.

Hasta pronto! CC

8 thoughts on “So we just went to sleep for a bit…”

  1. I’m glad you guys are still alive.
    I wanted to contact you for a long time. I came to you guys first through my old school in China. Through those experiences there are no memories like the ones you guys left me. I would love to come back to this magical place. Would it be possible to work for you guys? What experience and knowledge would one need to do so?
    I’m looking forward to your reply
    Best regards

  2. You guys sound goog, would like to hang out with you and go for a climb. I will be in Yangshuo from the 17th May for two weeks. If possible let me know how we can catch up. v

  3. Hi there

    I have been recommended to look you up when I come to Yangshou in July by a friend that met you a few years ago. If you are still around I would love to climb with you. Please let me know if you are still around.


  4. Chinaclimb has had some inconspicuous showings on facebook recently.
    Makes people’s heart soar to see the old ’round mountains’ logo, like it were the new gnome in the garden.

  5. I entered this web page many years ago, it was green! I really wish I could go back and visit, I had such a great time. I was in High School and went there with my school, the China Alive trip we called it. It’s still going on. Let’s see, it was about 9 or 10 years ago probably? You guys left me memories that changed my life forever. Now I love rockclimbing and I do it professionaly. Hope you guys come back soon and update this page.